Sometimes the humor of a meme is in the subject who it has been attributed to. I’m a big fan of ironic comedy, so I got a big kick out of these ones.

Here are 10 ironic memes that will make you look at people in a new and hilarious light.

1. Tranquil

This looks like a picture out a self-help infomercial, but you probably won’t see this text with it.

Image Credit: Cheezburger

2. Such pride

Is she unaware of what she inadvertently created or is she just going with it? Or maybe it was intentional and just looks pseudo-innocent?

Image Credit: Cheezburger

3. Your majesty!

Parts of The Crown are starting to become more believable now.

Image Credit: Cheezburger

4. Dough not judge

A loaf of bread making fun of gluten hysteria. I see what you did there, loaf.

Image Credit: Cheezburger

5. Doggo!

I’d like to think he’s on alert because of the mail carrier, but okay. LOL

Image Credit: Cheezburger

6. Blasphemous

Why is Jesus there and how did he find this guy in the crowd? Oh wait. He’s Jesus.

Image Credit: Cheezburger

7. Really?

I would have thought he’d be reading about ocean-floor news, but okay. Haha

Image Credit: Cheezburger

8. Oh dear

I figured my greeting with my dog after a long day looked more like a heartwarming movie sequence. Bummer!

Image Credit: Cheezburger

9. Not appealing

Don’t ruin the romance and calmness for me!

Image Credit: Cheezburger

10. Unforgettable image

I still associate the word with empowerment and human experience, but now I also picture this absurd shot. Why is she licking a pan?

Image Credit: Cheezburger

These memes made me chuckle and think at the same time. What ironic meme makes you look at an image or person differently?

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