There’s been a lot of push back recently about the phrase “boys will be boys.”

Understandably, when it’s used in defense of inexcusable behavior on the part of men, especially in the realm of assault, etc, then it’s pretty repulsive.

But there’s another sense in which the term gets used – the sense in which I’d always thought of it. And that is that boys are just…kind of insane. Little boys especially. And they’re gonna do weird, goofy, chaotic stuff.

And at a certain point there’s nothing you can do but meme about it.

10. Pay attention

Too laughably doomed little words.

Source: The Chive

9. A spirited child

Yeah, well, the Devil is a spirit too.

Source: The Chive

8. Say it proud

Well if he’d have denied it, he’d certainly have supplied it.
That is the law.

Source: The Chive

7. Reality sets in

Once again I learn that movies aren’t real and everything is nonsense.

Source: The Chive

6. Walking away

This kid is going places, and we all need to stay far away from wherever those places are.

Source: The Chive

5. Just a second

Seriously, I just had to poop real quick, what did y’all do?

Source: The Chive

4. No judgement

Whatever gets him to sleep is acceptable.

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3. The Lincoln Log Lawyer

Thank you for joining me tonight. Please, have a seat.

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2. Drop ’em

Look, we didn’t decide how our bodies work.

Source: The Chive

1. Failed successfully

Yeah, try it again though.

Source: The Chive

I guess boys really will be boys. Since that’s…a tautology and all.

What’s your experience with raising kids?

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