I’ve never been married, but I’ve heard some very interesting stories over the years from my friends who are hitched about the things they’ve had to deal with from their in-laws.

Woooo, boy, some of them are pretty rough!

Arguments, yelling, passive-aggressive behavior, maybe even a little bit of crying throw in.

It ain’t fun!

And today we’re gonna get into it with some nightmare mothers-in-law who don’t seem like a whole lot of fun.

Let’s take a look.

1. Big Brother is watching you.

I’m not sure why, but they’re definitely watching you.

2. I’m glad she called the police.

They don’t have anything else to deal with, do they?

3. Who does this kind of thing?

This is NOT cool…not cool at all…

4. She does not sound like very much fun.

Am I right or am I right?

5. This is some serious passive-aggressive s**t.

I bet you guys have some great visits!

6. She’s back…and she’s bad.

And it seems like there’s no escape.

7. I think she might be trying to send you a message.

It’s just a feeling I have…

8. This really went off the rails.

I have a feeling this is just going to get worse.

9. Oh, boy, here we go again…

She seems a little paranoid to me.

10. The War on Christmas is back again!

It always seems to make an appearance around the holidays, doesn’t it?

Do you have any terrible stories about your in-laws?

If so, please share some good ones with us in the comments.

We’d love to hear from you!