If you grew up with your grandparents or older family members around, chances are you heard a lot of words and terms that are pretty much extinct nowadays.

These old-timey phrases are a lot of fun and they might jog some memories for some of you.

Here are 10 old-fashioned terms that you just don’t hear very much anymore.

1. Picture show

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

What people used to call movies.

2. Kick up your heels

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Let loose and have a good time!

3. Know your onions

Photo Credit: pxhere

This is a new one for me – it means to know a lot about a subject.

4. Jiggery-Pokery

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Trickery. Manipulation. Deceitful behavior. First used in the 1890s.

5. The Bee’s Knees

Photo Credit: pxhere

Excellent! Awesome! Stupendous! Amazing! “You really are the bee’s knees!”

6. Guttle

Photo Credit: pxhere

To eat or drink noisily and greedily! “He sure is guttling it down!”

7. Giggle Water

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

I really like this one. It means alcoholic beverages. Pretty self-explanatory, I think.

8. Tickety-Boo

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

A-OK. Everything is good. All good!

9. Canceled Stamp

Photo Credit: pxhere

A shy woman or a woman who kept to herself.

10. Dewdropper

Photo Credit: Flickr,Nimish Gogri

Someone who is lazy or a slacker. “You good-for-nothing dewdropper!”

What do you think? Should we bring them back??