Technology is supposed to improve our lives, but it also makes it easier to make typos that you can’t take back. This is probably not a big deal in the scheme of things, we’re only human!

Phones and tablets also don’t help much. Autocorrect can also cause more problems than it solves.

Some brave souls decided to share their worst ever email fails on Twitter. Let’s read through their experiences and cringe together.

10. The Inconvenient Misspell

Meet “Mautice,” everyone!

9. One Letter Really Changes Things

And it’s hard to recover from certain mishaps!


8. Careful How You Address The Manager!

At least it’s not a curse word.


7. At Least This Person Was Grateful?

Hopefully, this was cleared up!

6. It Was Only a Figurative Death

But it was probably so embarrassing.

5. Some Things Aren’t Anonymous

As this guy found out.

4. Beast Mode is Supposed to be a Good Thing

At least, we hope!

3. Remember Your Attachments!

Lest you end up in this situation.

2. Check Your Resumés!

Prevent them from getting thrown out!

1. This Person Is on to Something

Maybe typos aren’t always a bad thing.

If you’ve ever made an email flub, hopefully, these stories will let you know you’re not alone.

Still, we want to know what you did. Because, duh! Feel free to share your flub in the comments. This community can provide some moral support!