I’m not really sure who should take the blame here…

Do you think it should it be the photographers or the homeowners?

Either way, it ain’t pretty…

Take a look at these bad real estate photos that are going to make you laugh and shake your head.

1. Looks like a nice place.

Cozy as hell!

2. Make yourself at home!

Just needs a little sprucing up.

3. Nightmare fuel.

Looks like the basement in Saw.

4. What’s going on here?

Seems a little bit sketchy.

5. All in one spot!

What else do you need?

6. The ATV gets parked inside.

No questions asked.

7. Seems reasonable.

Do you have a garage?

8. Watch your head.

This doesn’t look safe…

9. Don’t open the door!

Look very closely…

10. At least it looks like it’s on the beach…

That counts for something, right…?

Have you seen any weird real estate listings lately?

If so, tell us about them in the comments.

And share some pics if you got ’em!