Is life getting the best of you? Has the rat race become a mundane, unjoyful experience? Are you finding that you’re in a rut and need to find yourself? If you answered yes to any of these, there are ways outside of the typical “self-care” hacks that seem to have lost their charm.

Photo Credit: Unsplash, Allie Smith

10. Travel

You don’t need to take a week-long vacation to relax. Mental health and escaping into mindfulness can happen with a long weekend. Getting away can give your mind ample time to rest between your long summer vacations. Try seeking out bed and breakfasts in your city, or find a retreat a few hours away.

A mental vacation and relaxation isn’t only for planes rides and all inclusive resorts. Treat yourself right throughout the year. It will help you become for productive at work while maintaining a good head space.

9. Be open to new surprises

Control seems to overtake us and planning every second of our lives can suck us up into a vortex of demands. Step out of the control zone and let life whisk you away.

Try an art class with a friend. Go to the movies alone. How about taking a dance lesson? There are so many ways to insert joyful and curious moments into a structured, grey life.

Allow the fear of trying something new to open up a world of color and opportunity.

7. Be grateful

When life hammers down responsibilities, it’s difficult to feel and give gratitude. Take time each morning or at the end of the day to reflect on moments that sparked happiness and thankfulness.

Whether those moments come from a quick chat with a stranger in the elevator to your spouse making your morning coffee, absorb them and give credit where do.

6. Letting go

We all make mistakes and live with regrets. The difference between happy people versus those that stew over things is they cannot let go. If something is angering you, process it. Work through it mentally or through journaling. Then tell yourself to leave it be.

Don’t hold onto regrets and guilt. Process them, sort through them, and leave them be.

This allows you to move forward in life and feel free of past errors.

5. See the good in others

Life can surely make us jaded. Perception causes filters. Meaning, we might see someone doesn’t deserve the life they have. This is human nature. But work on finding the good in people.

Did someone snap at you at work? Maybe they were having a bad day. Seeing the good allows you to not take things personally.

We all struggle, so give a little grace to those around us.

4. Positive people

Shed toxic people in your lives. Do you have a friend that is always the victim? Maybe a boss that treats you poorly? Get rid of them. Move on.

Misery does love company and that can penetrate your mood. The longer the negativity festers, the more it becomes a part of you. Stop the cycle. Leave them behind.

And find people of your kind that lift you up and inspire.


Photo Credit: Unsplash, Allie Smith

3. Your body is your friend

We have been given a magnificent system (our bodies) that tell us when something’s wrong. Are you tired all the time? Are you in pain? Is the anxiety taking over your life?

Listen to your body. Breathe. Exercise. Eat better. Rest. It’s okay to step away for a moment.

After a while, when you become in tune with your body, your mind will clear and your heart won’t feel so heavy.

2. Laugh

Your brain triggers endorphins when you laugh and feel joy. It releases serotonin into your bloodstream. Take a night off and share wine and a meal with friends.

Don’t worry about tomorrow and enjoy the moments of laughter.

It’s the best medicine.

1. Toss out the idea of instant gratification

The world of technology keeps us connected in ways that harm us. We want things at a touch of a button. So if you are faced with a long term career goal or personal gain allow the journey to be enjoyable. Try not to be caught up in the “I want it now!” The beauty is in the miles you’ve walked to get there.

These are just a few small tips to loving who you are. We are all unique and process things differently.

But if we take our time to live in the moment, enjoy ourselves through our passions and good people, our lives will be more fulfilled.