Are you feeling hungry right now? If not, you’re going to by the end of this list.

These tweets are all about treats – a hilarious celebration of everything food and the horrible, delicious habits we all form around said food. You might even want to go make some popcorn or something and munch along, these tweets are that compelling and entertaining.

Prepare yourself for a snack attack.

10. Urgent hunger

I call this my fry fund and it is sacred.

9. Why dough

We need to stand up against those who would have us lead a lesser life.


8. Taking stock

Maybe if I do a dance or something the gods will show me favor.

7. Filled to the brim

Endless chips and salsa is really the thing I’m rooting for most.

6. Innovation at its weirdest

I’m convinced that whole company is just as high as their customers.


5. Reinventing the wheel

Ok but he’s just gonna get all yelly again.

4. Thank you, next

If you skipped the bun you could save on happiness too.


3. The food train

And what about second breakfast?

2. A clean break

Everything’s better with a little snack.


1. The happy dance

Yeah, I get it. It’s like a little wiggle thing.

It’s time to wrap this up and not just because I’ve run out of food tweets. The two hot pockets I put in the microwave simultaneously out of impatience are done and I can’t wait to see how badly that turned out.

What’s your go-to snack?

Tell us about it in the comments.