The cool thing about getting older is pretty much none of the things. But since we all live in the time dimension there’s not a lot you can do to avoid it.

That being the case, we can cope with our aging dreads through the most healthy of psychological mechanisms – tweets.

Tweets about climbing that hill. Tweets about taking a break on that hill. Tweets about deciding hills are stupid and taking a nap.

Enjoy your pre-nap ageing jokes, grandpa.

10. Looking up

Sorta like how my mom will always be taller than me in my mind, even though I passed her like 15 years ago.

9. Constant contact

Weirdly, the thing I’m supposed to be doing right now is literally reading and commenting on this tweet.

8. The wiping arm

You’re gonna find all kinds of fun new problems you’d never anticipated.

7. Stay firm

Gotta make sure I don’t get ripped off, these things are gonna see a lot of mileage.

6. Stick your neck out

You think you’re the only one around here who can poop and cry?


5. Take me out

This is an attack on me personally and I don’t appreciate it.

4. Tummy time

It goes great with any meal!

3. Home-owner alone

*Surprised face.*

2. Getting ghosted

WHY oh WHY is the switch at the BOTTOM of the STAIRS?


1. Reach for the stars

Wait how did you get a read on Thanos’ age?


Personally, my retirement plan is holding out for someone to invent a Benjamin Button serum. That’s coming, right?

What’s the weirdest thing about getting older in your opinion?

Tell us in the comments.