A happy marriage is easy! All it requires is a loving and committed partner, a simple ceremony and a celebration after your nuptials of cake and punch.

Okay okay… easier said than done. 😉

This day only comes once in your life (for at least half of us…) so you need to make it outrageously fun! So start with this list of 10 crazy wedding details that will keep your guests talking for months.

1. It’s never too early to start hearing toasts in your honor.

Photo Credit: Flickr

Set up a cocktail station with shots or start the champagne flowing before the ceremony even starts. Let’s get this party started!

2. Make your dog part of the wedding.

Photo Credit: Pixabay

He can’t ask so I’m asking for him. Please put him in a doggie tux and give him a part.

3. Nails to match your dress.


There’s nail art to match any dress, colors, cake, theme…

4. Design a modern cake.


Not your mother’s three tiers of buttercream frosting. It’s yours and it’s beautiful.

And make sure you save pieces of it to eat in the coming years! Cake lasts a LONG time.

5. Find a photographer to capture some funny moments.


The photographer should have a sense of humor fitting you and your intended.

The best thing you can do is look back on the photos from that day and remember how much fun you had when you took them!

6. The back of your gown should have drama.


You’ll be showing your back during the ceremony, on the dance floor and when you and your bridegroom run to your getaway car.

Make sure what’s behind you looks just as impressive as what’s up front.

7. Table assignments don’t need their own table.


Another opportunity to show your creativity and mad DIY skills. Hang them on a wall to create a brand new experience!

8. A succulent time will be had by all.


Special wedding favors can be cherished for years to come… because it’s REALLY hard to kill a succulent.

9. Acrylic signage displays are clean and elegant.


And you can always hang it in your new home as a memento!

10. Send guests home with sweet dreams.

Photo Credit: Pixabay

Set up a candy table for your friends to fill bags or containers with their favorites.

See! That wasn’t that hard! Now your wedding will be the best party you’ve ever thrown! Guaranteed to make it a good one.

Oh, and congratulations on the life full of happiness! w00t!