Hey there, why the long face, partner?

Life got you down a little bit?

Well, we’re gonna put an end to that RIGHT NOW!

Enjoy these funny tweets on us!

You can thank us later!

1. That’s right!

Read up on it!

2. Darn plants…

They’ll learn one day…

3. I hope it worked out for you.

This is a lofty goal.

4. This will be a great lecture.

Never thought about it that way…

5. I think you might have a chance.

Good luck to you!

6. Do it!

How much are you gonna spend at Spencer’s?

7. I don’t think I’d hire them.

But that’s just me…

8. Not feeling it.

Hey, that’s okay…

9. Think about that.

Don’t do drugs!

10. I love this.

Something to shoot for.

11. Are you happy now?

I don’t want to hear that ever again. Are we clear?

Now we want to hear from you.

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We can’t wait!