Like most people, I often don’t think about details when I’m watching a movie because I’m focused on the story and the characters, so hearing about how the magic came to the screen is fascinating.

Start popping the popcorn and look out for 11 behind the scenes stories of these iconic movie moments. These surprised even me, a huge movie buff!

1.It’s the eyes TBH

The little girl with Angelina Jolie is her daughter.

She was cast because, unlike many of the children auditioning for this role, she was not afraid of Angelina in make up.

Image Credit: Bored Panda

2. Impressive

Bill Murray improvised most of his lines for Kingpin (1996) and bowled three consecutive strikes in front of a live audience while the camera was rolling!

He also improvised most of his lines.

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3. Symbolism

In Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1989), anyone who attempts to kill Indy is wearing a flower on their lapel.

Who knew flowers could be sinister.

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4. Improvising

Coconuts were used instead of horses in this Monty Python scene because using real horses was too expensive.

Absurdist humor can be super practical.

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5. Method acting

In Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (2002), Lucius Malfoy slaps Draco’s hand on his cane. Jason Isaacs didn’t know the cane had fangs on the top.

Tom Felton’s reaction wasn’t acting. That must have hurt like hell.

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6. Face palm

When you see Sean Bean looking exasperated with his head in his palm, he’s actually reading lines off of it. The lines had been changed the night previous to filming and he needed help to remember them.

You gotta do what you gotta do and in doing so he created a classic meme.

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7. Well deserved

Look closely in Deadpool 2 (2018) and you’ll notice Ruth Bader Ginsberg’s headshot is in the pile of candidates they go through for consideration in the force.

She is a legend and deserves a place there.

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8. Clever

From a birds-eye view, you can see that Neo and Morpheus’s fight choreography and clothing matches the yin-yang symbol.

You can notice new things every time you watch The Matrix (1999).

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9. Not an extra

The background characters in the Italian marketplace scene in Rocky (1976) are not extras.

They appear amused because they were actual patrons and didn’t understand why he was running up and down the street.

The shot where the orange is thrown was totally improvised. Good thing it wasn’t a watermelon. What a great scene in Rocky!

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10. Effective

To ensure the frantic emotion of Brad Pitt’s wild speech in 12 Monkeys (1995) came across as convincing, director Terry Gilliam took Brad’s cigarettes from him.

Terry got the effect he wanted. He’d previously sent Brad to a speech therapist to coach to work on it.

Who knew there’d be a perk to withdrawal.

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11. True professionals

Eric Bana and Brad Pitt didn’t have stunt doubles for this scene in Troy (2004), so they had a rule that for each unintentional hit they’d have to pay the other actor $50, $100 for hard blows.

Brad had to pay Eric $750 but Eric didn’t have to pay Brad anything.

Eric Bana is either incredibly skilled or really lucky.

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From now on I’m going to be wondering about the back stories of movies as I watch them.

What’s your favorite little-known trivia about a movie? Let us know in the comments.