It’s one thing to have some LOLs every once in a while…

But to have LOLs that last for days…that’s amazing

And that’s what we’re about to provide you with, friends!

Because these tweets are so darn funny that we had to go back and read them a few times. That’s how much we love them!

Hey, don’t be too surprised. It’s what we do here.

Dig in to these tweets and remember to have a great day. Enjoy!

1. That’s always a tough one.

You just gotta make a decision sometimes.

2. Ouch. She sounds like a treat.

And by “treat” I mean awful.

3. Don’t forget to change.

And then do it all over again in 7 days.

4. He’ll never know.

This is a major life hack.

5. I’d like to know the answer, too.

Was it really worth it?

6. That’s a real zinger!

And I liked it!


7. It’s not gonna happen.

That’s a big NO.

8. Good thing they bought it.

I’m gonna start using this one.

9. That’s the best feeling ever.

Nothing better than that!

10. Bring it on!

The coffee and the medicine, I mean.

11. Yes. Yes, I do.

You know what I’m saying?

Those were great! And now we want to hear from you. Yeah, all of you beautiful people out there!

In the comments, share the stuff that absolutely makes you laugh the most. We’re looking for memes, tweets, photos, and jokes.

Please and thank you!