2020 – who is she? I don’t know her anymore.

Congratulations to all of us who made it through possibly the worst year in the history of humanity, but it was alright year for memes.

We’re still in the early months of 2021, but here’s hoping that it’ll be way better than the last year.

Just remember, it’s always darkest before the dawn! Here are 11 hilarious memes for anyone who’s glad it’s finally 2021.

1. Nope!

Nobody is closer to me – not even an inch!

Image Credit: someecards

2. We’re all over it

Even nature is finally like, “Enough is enough.”

Image Credit: someecards

3. Like a recurring nightmare

The bad memories just keep coming back.

Image Credit: someecards

4. Sigh…

Don’t mind me – I’m just eating Hot Cheetos and wasting away

Image Credit: someecards

5. Hindsight is 20/20

Peloton should’ve been our first warning sing.

Image Credit: someecards

6. Yup

We just don’t want to jinx it yet.

Image Credit: someecards

7. This, 100%

Listen, I think we can all cut ourselves some slack here. We might be unkempt, in need of a re-dye, and totally exhausted, but hey! We’re surviving a pandemic. That’s alone is a miracle.

Image Credit: someecards

8. Let’s hear it for the dogs

All the Covid puppies are seriously the luckiest winners in all of this.

Image Credit: someecards

9. Help!

Say goodbye to a year of lockdown… only to be with another year of (hopefully less intense) lockdown.

Image Credit: someecards

10. We’re in the money

Finally, the last quarter I needed to pay my rent!

Image Credit: someecards

11. Bad omens

Honestly, if this happened, I wouldn’t be surprised anymore.

Image Credit: someecards

Phew, now that we’ve effectively purged all the negative energy of 2020, we can finally move on to 2021.

Don’t get down on yourself just yet – we’re sure to turn the corner any day now.

What are your hopes for 2021? Share your vision with us in the comments!