No matter what’s going on, a fun meme can always take the edge off.

No one is immune to having a bad day. We’ve all been there; we had moments that seem too much to bear. Sometimes a laugh is all you need to get you through to the next moment.

That’s where memes in—they’re social media’s way of making you crack a smile and spread that joy to the next person who needs it.

Check out the 11 memes below to get your happiness fix and make sure to pass it on!

1. Even in ancient times.

There was someone, somewhere who couldn’t get this right.

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2. Fumbling through rose-colored glasses.

Four eyes and way too many hands.

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3. It’s kind of good to know everyone feels this way.

We’ve got you.

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4. Cute, but super deadly.

In his defense, he did descend from dinosaurs.

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5. It’s a win win.

Pigeons are doing it for themselves.

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6. Can it be more funny and awkward than it already is?

Yes. Yes, it can.

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7. When you’re sick of the same old Christmas carols.

These are bound to become classics.

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8. Next time, be sure before you say something.

But today, start running.

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9. Sir, are you high?

Whoa, dude.

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10. The psychological equivalent of unzipping your pants after Thanksgiving dinner.

Well, that took a lot.

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11. Everybody wants a legal dream team.

Especially one that will go to hell and back for a client.

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We hope you’ve found these memes funny.

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