Being single around the holidays is a mix of funny, exhausting, and depressing.

People ask you why you don’t have a significant other, your parents want to know why you haven’t given them any grandkids, and your friends just stare at you and shake their heads at you with pity…

So here’s an idea for you to consider: maybe you should send out holiday cards that tell people what’s up so you don’t have to answer all those silly questions.

Does that sound good? Well then, maybe these cards people sent out will give you some inspiration.

1. Your own small happy family.

Maybe you’ll find someone this year…

I Made my own Christmas Card this year….
byu/tarebearah infunny

2. Looks like you’re doing just fine as a single gal!

Good luck to you!

My 2019 holiday card!
byu/asyouwissssh infunny

3. Well, at least you’re being honest.

Go on with your bad self!

My forever alone Christmas card, inspired by Reddit.
byu/Khadejeh infunny

4. She’s in a relationship with pizza.

And I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that.

Christmas card of a single woman
byu/myredditfakename5 infunny

5. I can’t believe you guys are single!

It just doesn’t compute…

My friends and I made our own Christmas card.
byu/DeeDubb83 infunny

6. Now we’re getting creative!

And also a little bit disturbing…

My friend and his roommates took their Christmas card photo today…
byu/LordofDecay infunny

7. You are a master of disguise.

I think you have a future in show business.

This year, I began living alone for the first time. This is my Christmas card.
byu/malsies inpics

8. I think your family might have some ideas…

Do you really want to talk about it?

Starting the Holidays off with a Christmas card from the heart.
byu/seanyb05 infunny

9. Now, this I can get behind!

Eugene looks like a pretty cool guy to me.

Grandpa Eugene had professional pictures taken of himself for his Christmas cards.
byu/GallowBoob inpics

10. Uh oh, now you’re in trouble.

This is blasphemy, I tell you!

Me and my cat’s Christmas card was deemed “sacrilegious” by a few people. What do you think?
byu/tamagothecat inpics

11. This is pretty darn clever, if I do say so myself.

Hey, you nailed it!

My Christmas Card this year. I’ve been single my whole life.
byu/kelsofb infunny

What were some of the best holiday cards you got this year?

Tell us about them in the comments.

And share some pics of them, too. Thanks!