What you’re about to see might just change your perception of how the mind of a teenager works.

Yes, I realize that, if you’re older, you were once a teenager yourself…

But as we age we tend to think that the generations that come after us just aren’t that bright or funny.

And it’s not true!

Kids will be kids and teenagers will always be funny in my book! There’s just something about their brains that makes them see the world differently and I think it’s great!

Enjoy these funny tweets from teens and have a few laughs!

1. Jessica…take it easy.

Just trying to conduct a little business here…

2. Mom likes to party.

And she might start showing YOU up on campus.

3. This is what I want in life.

That’s it. Nothing else.

4. He loves that tiny bed.

What a good boy!

5. Stop right there!

I could see how this would be kind of annoying.


6. Oh, Diego…you blew it!

Time to go have a long talk with your teacher.

7. Your mind is blown.

And, frankly, so is mine…

8. Why won’t you listen to me, Mom???

This is a major problem with parents, isn’t it?

9. A lot happened in those years…

What’ll your next look be?

10. Time well spent!

That’s pretty damn impressive!

11. Yes, you are!

That is hilarious.

12. The statue of Mona Lisa! Ok, it’s a joke… get it???

Those little whipper-snappers sure are funny!

Now we want to keep the laughs a’ rollin’!

In the comments, tell us about the funniest things you’ve seen young people do and say lately.

Let’s give these funny kids the credit they deserve!