There’s almost nothing as satisfying in the world as photos of good boys and girls.

No, I’m not talking about humans. I mean dogs, cats, bunnies, gerbils, rats, etc. All animals, really! If you need a bit of a pick-me-up right now, we think these posts will do the trick.

Enjoy…and give your pets a big squeeze for us.

1. Never taking it off.

2. Breakfast is served!


3. The world needs to see this.

4. Fat guy in a little coat.

5. Way to go!

Photo Credit: Cheezburger

6. I think he’s bluffing.

7. Love personified.


8. We can make it work.

Photo Credit: Cheezburger

9. I’ll be your captain today.

Photo Credit: Cheezburger

10. Not just a phase.

Photo Credit: Cheezburger

11. Oh, Herbie!

Photo Credit: Cheezburger

Nice. Wholesome. Beautiful.

I could keep going, but I think you get the picture regarding how I feel about these pics… and animals in general. Do you have any furry friends at home?

Please share a pic with us and tell us a little bit about them in the comments.