As a kid I used to interpret most things literally. Fortunately for me, it was always charming and harmless.

But if a misinterpretation is significant enough or delivered in a certain context, it can seem like you’re being condescending or snobby.

Twitter user lilyanna started off this discussion with a revelation about her boyfriend… that she’s never been able to forget.


Here are 11 times simple orders went brutally wrong.

1. Nice ego

You could read the menu for clarification, but okay.

Image Credit: Pleated Jeans

2. Stingy on lemon

Not what he meant, but at least you saved some lemon.

Image Credit: Pleated Jeans

3. Not that pudding

If you hadn’t butt in to this father-child conversation, you wouldn’t be in this mess.

Image Caption: Pleated Jeans

4. Snark

We’re not talking about drinking just anything here, but sure go off, kid.

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5. No connoisseur

If interpreted literally, what could dry wine possibly be?

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6. As if

Who puts parmesan on calamari? She must think we don’t understand how to dine properly

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7. As if, Mom

Haha he thought it was a snooty food, but he actually just looked snooty for turning it down.

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8. Lesson learned

That’s what you get for asking for fancy condiments in a dive bar!

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9. Misplaced pun

Inflicting your absurd puns on seniors who just want to have their tea in peace… Shame on you.

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10. Crickets

You’re too fancy to serve drinks that have names, eh?

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11. Really

He can open the window himself you know! He means the drink. Yeesh.

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Did you ever anger someone after misunderstanding them?

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