I’m not sure what happened to the few d**kheads who bullied me when I was a kid…and personally, I’m fine with that.

I don’t wish them any will because we were kids, but I don’t necessarily need to know what ever became of them, either.

But today we’re going to hear from people who DID find out what their former tormentors are up to these days.

Let’s take a look!

1. The tweet that got it started.

Here’s what folks said.

2. A total mess.

Maybe he turned it around.

3. You’re doing fine.

Just forget about them.

4. Didn’t make the NHL.

But it has a happy ending.

5. Even more horrible.

Not cool…

6. That felt good.

See ya later!

7. Feeling guilty.

But, they made their own decisions.

8. That’s perfect.

You gotta love it!

9. That’s a lot.

Sounds like you had a rough upbringing.

10. Jokes on you!

Sweet revenge.

11. That’s sad.

Poor guy.

How about you?

Did you have a bully when you were in school?

Tell us what ended up happening to them.

Do it in the comments!