There seems to be a lot of people online these days who consider every single opinion equal, or consider their (mostly uninformed) opinions to be fact, and there’s nothing quite like watching someone shut them down completely.

At least, not if you ask me.

I’ve stopped getting involved in this stuff myself, for blood pressure reasons, but I still love bearing witness to the smack-down – and these 11 people definitely had it coming.

1. He’s just saying.

Maybe she watched that Will Smith movie just too many times.

There’s no “i” in happiness
byu/TheRandomAwesomeGuy inconfidentlyincorrect

2. Yes, you defined the word.

Would you like a pat on the back?

Hercules doesn’t know what the word boycott means
byu/Dark-All-Day inconfidentlyincorrect

3. I hope the waitress wasn’t confused.

Like that first commenter was when he really thought he was coming for them.

Basic math
byu/incurvatewop inconfidentlyincorrect

4. I think that’s what it means.

Technically. No matter what you say.

Image Credit: Reddit

5. What if we told you…

This is awkward.

Just wow…
byu/hawa11styl3 inconfidentlyincorrect

6. When you call yourself out for being gross.

The face I am making right now.

I reckon his face is stuck on smug-mode (sorry if repost)
byu/WeakDiaphragm inconfidentlyincorrect

7. I’m pretty sure he just made that up.

You can’t just do that, Sir.

How dumb can you get
byu/gillug inconfidentlyincorrect

8. Those aren’t the same job.

And thank goodness, in most cases.

[deleted by user]
by inconfidentlyincorrect

9. Sweetheart just stop talking.

Bless her heart.

Who’s gonna tell her?
byu/RoubenTV inconfidentlyincorrect

10. Oh my god.

My jaw just literally dropped so hard I couldn’t even snort.

Yea, no they haven’t
byu/_Zach_F_ inconfidentlyincorrect

11. We actually have an answer for that.

Soooo maybe read the Constitution. I know there are big words, though.

Hmmmm [From r/Veryfuckingstupid]
byu/bujawang inconfidentlyincorrect

Whew, those are some burns, y’all. I hope they have some aloe.

Do you get involved with correcting people online or just let it go? Tell us which and why in the comments!