Some people have all the luck, you know what I’m saying?

I’ve always thought that it seems, at least, that a few people get lucky all the time while the rest of us search our whole lives for that one four-leaf clover.

These 11 people are for sure in the lucky category, because even they couldn’t believe it when they stumbled on some pretty amazing finds.

1. Poor little sweetie.

Still clinging to life.

My sister got a mini starfish in her mussels
byu/MacaronCats inmildlyinteresting

2. Wow, that is beautiful.

You have to stop and appreciate that.

This picture is a few years old but I once found a leaf showing all stages of its life. Sorry if it’s not that special, but I definitely find it really interesting and wanted to share 🍃 🍂
byu/Hassel_B ininterestingasfuck

3. That is wild.

It’s like the start of some science fiction story.

i was at a wedding and met a woman with the same wrist tattoos as me
byu/smiller67 inMadeMeSmile

4. Are we sure this is lucky?

I’m not sure it’s sanitary.

this kinder egg with a smaller kinder egg inside
byu/whos_pancake_is_this inmildlyinteresting

5. My husband would be totally geeking out.

It is pretty cool.

This rock I found, full of fossil shells
byu/SwiffFiffteh ininterestingasfuck

6. This doesn’t seem real.

I’m thinking aliens.

This triangle shaped rock I found
byu/NormIslandRandom inmildlyinteresting

7. A rare 10-carat sapphire.

That’s gotta be worth something, right?

[deleted by user]
by ininterestingasfuck

8. That is so pretty.

I probably would have eaten it on accident.

This pearl I found in an oyster I was eating.
byu/aegri_mentis inmildlyinteresting

9. Three in one skillet.

I don’t think I’ve ever had a single one in my life!

3 eggs. 3 double yolks. Feeling lucky, might go buy a scratcher.
byu/sunshine_571 inmildlyinteresting

10. I spent hours scouring clover patches as a kid.

All for naught.

I found 10, 4 leaf clovers
byu/Ice-Juice1 inmildlyinteresting

11. It just…stopped.

I’d be feeling lucky, and a whole bunch of other feelings, too.

We were seconds away from losing our home to the California fire. Thank you to all the firefighters that saved our community!
byu/BBQBUDDAH22 innevertellmetheodds

Wow, I wouldn’t even know what to do with myself if I’d found this stuff.

Have you ever stumbled across something super cool? Tell us about your own lucky days in the comments!