You’d think that people who are scammers would be pretty good at it, right?

They’re trying to swindle YOU and ME out of our hard-earned cash, so you figure they’d go above and beyond and be prepared with some really good lines and information.

But you know that’s definitely not the case if you’ve ever received a scam text or email.

Well, I guess that even conmen and conwomen have a hierarchy…because these people don’t seem to be good at scamming AT ALL.

Check out these total failures…

1. It’s really her!

What are the chances?!?!

2. The real deal.

Hey, they said “please”…

3. Good Lord, this is pushing it.

Over the top.

4. A text from the “diplomatic agent.”

I have a feeling this person isn’t who they say they are…

5. This is totally legit.

You believe it, right? Right?!?!

6. Didn’t even bother to change the numbers.

What kind of scammer are you?!?!

7. That didn’t go well.

And I wonder if this person is legit…

8. Oh no, your Apple is locked!

That doesn’t sound good…

9. I do want to be rich and famous!

How did you know?!?!

10. You have 12 days…

I wouldn’t wait if I were you!

11. That font doesn’t look very legit to me…

Kind of seems a little bit unprofessional, don’t you think?

Nice try…

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