If you’re in the mood for some serious laughter, well what can I say…

You’ve come to the right place!

So kick your feet up, push all your work onto the floor, and enjoy some hilarious tweets.

Hey, you deserve it!

1. I’d say about 40.

That’s a good bet.

2. She nailed it!

This should be her job.

3. Thanks a lot…

On second thought…

4. Never thought about that.

Makes sense though…

5. Seriously, tell us what to do!

Get it straight!

6. They definitely don’t like it.

So why bother?

7. Thrown off course.

We hope you found it!

8. There’s no escape.

Good luck out there, friends…

9. Not gonna happen.

Just being honest.

10. How does this work?

I’m still waiting!

11. Now what?

Do I use it?

Have you seen any funny tweets lately that you really loved?

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Thanks a million!