Sometimes, the world just plain sucks. Things fall through and stuff just doesn’t work out.

Luckily, we have a wide array of positivity on the internet to provide a healthy little escape.

Here are 12 super wholesome internet moments that’ll help lift your spirits on a dreary day!

11. Gamer grandma

I’d say this granny is really putting in the effort.

10. Kids are the best

The kindness of children will never cease to amaze me.

9. Wow

Looks like messages in a bottle really have the opportunity to last.

8. Share the positivity

What a great way to remind your kid of all the things he’s done right when times are so hard.

7. Good vibes all around

Many thanks to this Starbucks hero for continuing to spread the positivity.

Went to a Starbucks drive thru and the car in front of me paid for my order and told the worker to give this to me from HumansBeingBros

6. Aww

Look! Here’s proof! People are good!

A young man sheltering an old lady from hail while crossing the road [Tbilisi, Georgia]. from HumansBeingBros

5. Thank goodness for teachers

Somebody please give this teacher a gold star for being so awesome.

11/10 teacher from HumansBeingBros

4. Braids for days

Stories like these just warm my heart right up.

Total stranger came and braided my hair while I’m in the hospital after I asked for help in a beauty Facebook group. from HumansBeingBros

3. Hats!

These look so cozy and fun. I’ll take one!

She crocheted all these hats for a local shelter! It’s absolutely incredible! Happy Holidays Everyone 🙂 from HumansBeingBros

2. A helping hand

With this economy, job hunting has only gotten a whole lot harder than it already was.
Sometimes, the support of strangers is all you need to get through the interview.

Old couple helping out a guy in need. from HumansBeingBros

1. This pizza hero

Three cheers for this dude over here.

Pizza shop owner being a Pizza Bro from HumansBeingBros

Ah, nothing like observing some generous and kind souls to start your day off right.

Times may be hard right now, and they might get a little bit harder before things start to turn around. But there’s always hope, as long as we create it for each other.

What are some heartwarming internet moments you’ve witnessed? Share them with us in the comments!