I grew up with cats and I just can’t get enough of those furry fuzzballs!

And they’re especially delightful when they’re just wee little kittens, don’t you think?

Yes, of course we like the cats who are all grown up, too, but there’s something really special and adorable about them when they’re pretty much small enough to fit in the palm of your hand.

And we have a bunch of cute pics TEENY TINY kittens that are gonna melt your cold, dead heart.

Let’s take a look!

1. You are staring into a Black Hole.

A very tiny Black Hole, that is.

the void stares back
byu/bigabigabigabiga inIllegallySmolCats

2. Almost lost him in the carpet!

What a smol little sensation!

my smol kitty!
byu/kristioppa inIllegallySmolCats

3. Leo looks like he’s quite a guy.

I can’t wait to see what he looks like when he grows up.

This is Leo 🙂
byu/m_harvey003 inIllegallySmolCats

4. You got a good deal on this one.

What a cutie!

Bought a house, turns out it was a package deal with this smol guy
by inIllegallySmolCats

5. Well, this is totally adorable.

And you can’t argue with that.

byu/mountainoat inIllegallySmolCats

6. I’m gonna need that back at some point.

I wonder what kind of websites he’s looking at…

Criminal caught surfing the web
byu/Bmobmo64 inIllegallySmolCats

7. This is a wild kitty cat!

And a really cute one.

Smol dust mote caught in a sunbeam
byu/scrubforest inIllegallySmolCats

8. How’d you get in there?

Wait, this isn’t what I bought!

byu/crowmami inIllegallySmolCats

9. Nice try, buddy.

It’s not gonna work this time.

He kept trying to ruin my code, but was too small to push the keys down.
byu/monkspthesane inIllegallySmolCats

10. You can tell this one is gonna be big trouble.

But for now, they’re just little trouble.

Soon to be ageing out of the juvie system, its big-time jail for this criminal
byu/myghostfellout inIllegallySmolCats

11. What time is it?

And what day is it…?

Waking up to 2021
byu/CatFeeds inIllegallySmolCats

Do you have any kitties at home?

If so, please share some pics with us in the comments and introduce us.

We’d love to meet them! Thanks in advance!