If you clicked on this link and are about to look at these tweets, I think that we probably have a lot in common.

And the most important one is that we love dogs and cats!

What else do you need, right?

That’s good enough for me!

So go ahead and enjoy these tweets about the furry friends that we all love!

1. That is terrifying.

This needs to be a horror movie!

2. I want him!

My dentist needs one of these.

3. Think she’s comfortable?

Looks pretty cozy.

4. I’m freakin’ out!

Don’t make eye contact…

5. That’s when s**t gets real.

It’s almost impossible to catch them.

6. I love it!

And now I’m hungry!

7. What are you worried about?

They don’t know how good they have it.

8. I like this idea.

And I’m gonna start using it.

9. LOL on this one.

Big time!

10. Well, this is awkward.

Keep it down over there!

11. That cat is PURE EVIL.

Look at that face…

Now we want to hear from you.

In the comments, share some pics of your pets and introduce us to them.

We can’t wait!