Listen, we need to talk…

What’s it gonna take to make you laugh, friend?

I’ve tried everything and I’m at the end of my rope!

Wait a second! I got it!

How do you feel about hilarious tweets?

Whew! We finally figured it out!

That’s a relief!

Now laugh at these tweets and enjoy yourself!

1. We’ve made a decision.

It’s not gonna happen.

2. What was that?

This is always terrifying.

3. Yes, it will.

That was a bunch of nonsense!

4. Is that what happened?

I wasn’t paying attention…

5. I’m not playing this game.

That’s when you get up and walk out.

6. I do, too!

Still good in my book.

7. We all do, right?

Where did it all go?

8. Hahaha, yes!

This is accurate.

9. This needs to become an American thing.

As soon as possible…

10. Oh, great.

Stay off of that website!

Now we want you to share some funny tweets with us.

Do it in the comments.

Thanks a million!