Some folks, I gotta say…

I guess I should have said, some MOMS

Because the posts you’re about to see from the moms who made these posts online are gonna make you laugh and maybe even feel a little bit bad for them.

Are you ready to dig in?

Let’s see what went down!

1. This is going to ruin this girl’s life.

Way to go, Mom!

Fuck you and your privacy. I’m gonna show 53,000 people your picture and tell them you got your period today! from ShitMomGroupsSay

2. That’s gonna show ’em!

Please don’t do this…

I guess if that’s what it takes to get you to vaccinate your kids…. from ShitMomGroupsSay

3. Yes, I would say that this is gross.

How do you not know that?

It’s gross Karen. I’m also pretty certain it’s illegal to feed unsuspecting people your bodily fluids. from ShitMomGroupsSay

4. I’m pretty sure your father-in-law is wrong about this one.

What other gems has he come up with?

That’s not how this works, that’s not how any of this works… from ShitMomGroupsSay

5. They still live in caves in New Zealand.

Oh, you didn’t know about that? It’s all true!

TIL New Zealand isn’t a developed nation. from ShitMomGroupsSay

6. Here’s an unpopular opinion for ya…

Isn’t this just adorable?

A Mother’s love ?….. from ShitMomGroupsSay

7. What is wrong with people out there?

This is just WEIRD.

Do babies give hickies? from ShitMomGroupsSay

8. Do you think you have enough eggs, though?

I just wanted to check and make sure…

Egg fast keto mom group from ShitMomGroupsSay

9. Sounds like a lot of fun.

I bet your kids can’t wait to get out of that house.

The actual fu..? from ShitMomGroupsSay

10. I don’t think you should post things like this online.

Did anyone call the cops yet?

Sketchy “possession” of child from ShitMomGroupsSay

11. Which one is your favorite?

I’m going with “Zambezei”. Has a nice ring to it.

The unique name olympics are in full swing from ShitMomGroupsSay

12. This is sooooo creepy.

Please tell me you agree with me…

If you have to ask… from ShitMomGroupsSay

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