Some folks might encounter the term “Redneck Engineering” and roll their eyes, but I live for this stuff!

The things you’re about to see are pretty freakin’ clever and I think they’ll make you think twice about throwing something away the next time it breaks…you can just fix it yourself!

So the next time someone tries to talk some trash about these kinds of DIY solutions, you can tell them to go shove it!

Enjoy these pics and prepare to be inspired, my friends!

1. Whatever works, right?

Looks pretty level to me.

There, I fixed it.
byu/BallsOutKrunked inredneckengineering

2. I never would have thought of that.

That’s why you get paid the big bucks!

Only had two batteries, and also this thing was crazy bright with three.
byu/thatsbs inredneckengineering

3. You gotta keep cool, ya know?

No doubt about that!

Portable AC Unit (pumps ice cold water from cooler through copper coil over fan)
byu/PharmacistDude inredneckengineering

4. Sometimes, the easiest answers are right in front of you.

You just gotta take the time to assess the whole situation!

Fixed the downspout
byu/tsmeagain inredneckengineering

5. I think you nailed it!

And I bet your guests love it.

Our doorbell has been broken so we had to improvise.
byu/violinfiddleman inredneckengineering

6. Yes, that absolutely counts.

How many funny looks did you get on the road?

does this count?
byu/nox011 inredneckengineering

7. It doesn’t go all the way to 11.

This is very interesting…

Saw this volume limiter on r/hometheater thought of this sub.
byu/OhTheHueManatee inredneckengineering

8. This isn’t a bad idea at all.

You always gotta be comfortable!

Cut a pool noodle in half to make a comfortable armrest for the truck. From Australia.
byu/goobly_goo inredneckengineering

9. Is that thing burning your face?

It really doesn’t look comfortable…

It makes sense.
by inredneckengineering

10. I think this is awesome!

Kudos to whoever did this!

[deleted by user]
by inredneckengineering

11. That’s all it took!

Nice work all around!

A plunger and hot water, who’d a thunk it
byu/Spudnut inredneckengineering

12. The Czechs are some smart cookies.

Let’s give credit where credit is due.

Czech Engineering
byu/TemporaryAccount-tem inredneckengineering

Have you ever seen any good examples of redneck engineering?

Tell us all about them in the comments.

And share some pics if you got ’em!