You know that old excuse. You’ve heard it a million times, usually to dismiss or disregard awful behavior by males.

It’s pretty tired and it’s pretty lame if we’re being totally honest.

But this article is about the exact opposite of that old saying. Here are examples of “boys will be boys” that are good, positive, and will put a smile on your face.

1. Who’s gonna win this argument?

2. …Or just putting together a dance routine…

3. Which do you prefer, m’lady?

4. Baking is for everyone!

5. LOTR masculinity.

6. That looks like a good time.

7. I’m sure you’re lovely.

8. How is that even possible?

9. All together now!

10. I did not see that coming.

11. The guy has charisma.

12. Can’t wait for him to wake up and see this.

Boys will be boys from Unexpected

Let’s make this kind of behavior the standard for “boys will be boys” and we can completely turn it around! Starting now!

What do you think? Loving this new idea? Let us know in the comments!