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If so, you’re in the right place!

Because these amazing examples of “Redneck Engineering” are going to make you laugh but you’ll also nod in approval at the ingenuity of what these folks came up with.

Take a look and see what you think!

1. This actually looks pretty darn cozy.

Sign me up for a weekend with this thing!

Seems like this belongs here
byu/BoneKollector__ inredneckengineering

2. This kid is clearly a genius.

And he’s going places! No doubt about it!

My 12 year old son modified his bike with carpet for barefoot riding
byu/flaglerite inredneckengineering

3. I love this!

You gotta do what you gotta do!

How to do laundry while living in a vehicle. Available programs; off-road, highway and city 🙃
byu/Curledsquirl inredneckengineering

4. Nobody will ever be stealing this ride.

And if they try, they’re going to be very disappointed.

Anti-theft protection
byu/saltypotato-612 inredneckengineering

5. This really doesn’t look like a good idea at all.

I hope this guy made it through the whole day without an accident.

Safe as houses
byu/Agreeable-Dinner inredneckengineering

6. A good use of some old pallets.

You just gotta watch your step a little bit more than normal!

Found in a group called “Stairs Designed by People who aren’t afraid to Die” but I still quite like how simple and cheap a solution it is.
byu/samcornwell inredneckengineering

7. Oh, I’m a big fan of this!

Get a load of that rig! Excellent!

Someone suggested this would fit here
byu/Travellingjake inredneckengineering

8. Make sure that thing doesn’t come to a boil.

We don’t want to see anyone get hurt…

Just don’t bring it to the boil.
by inredneckengineering

9. You barely even notice!

Unless you look really close and study that thing.

This took a min
byu/lord_vader_jr inredneckengineering

10. A new meaning for the term “driving a stick.”

I see what you did there!

Steering wheel broke, needed to finish the yard. Thankfully I know how to drive a stick.
by inredneckengineering

11. Much cheaper than buying a stand, ya know?

You did good!

Found this fork in my brothers house and asked him why he had done it…. then he ran upstairs to grab his IPad 😂😂
byu/projectolivine inredneckengineering

12. No one will be getting in there.

Don’t even think about it!

Master Lock 100
by inredneckengineering

Think you can top these examples of redneck engineering?

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