There’s a huge difference between big acts of legit vandalism and cases of “mild vandalism”, like the ones we’re about to see.

Mild vandalism is pretty harmless stuff that makes people say, “ha, that was funny and I enjoyed that immensely. And no one got hurt or really upset by this.”

Regular vandalism makes folks say, “that is inappropriate and now I need to move my family out of this godforsaken city before we all die”…or something like that…

But forget about the scary stuff. Enjoy these examples of mild vandalism. We know we did!

1. Honey, we need to talk.

You’re ruining my research!

2. This is a great one.

I wonder what the cops thought…

Idk if this counts
byu/ShmikisBilda inMildlyVandalised

3. Good idea.

Are you guys on board with this one?

That’s a good idea
byu/Whatintarnation7 inMildlyVandalised

4. Somebody really blew it.

But the response really nailed it.

Hail Satin
byu/greeneyes826 inMildlyVandalised

5. Hey, it worked!

Way to go!

Genius level 100
byu/masked_gamer21 inMildlyVandalised

6. I want to see more of this.

Cover up the rubbish!

Wholesomely vandalized
byu/Wiildman8 inMildlyVandalised

7. Keeps happening to this water tank.

And we’re here for it!

8. This guy is very good.

And he can adapt to any situation.

A realtor you can depend on
byu/polojet inMildlyVandalised

9. Read the fine print.

We have a battle going on here.

Vandalism vandalised
byu/Rahul_Kishore inMildlyVandalised

10. You gotta make the sign accurate.

Whoever did this is a genius.

some fitting tape over the sign
byu/solid_salad inMildlyVandalised

11. Hahahaha. The best one yet.

Oh, guys…come on.

No we won’t
byu/jtbabcock inMildlyVandalised

12. Here, here!

People are pretty worked up about this stuff…

Just a piece of tape and a sharpie
byu/Willickep inMildlyVandalised

Oh, I just laughed and laughed…

And now we want to laugh some more!

In the comments, please share some funny stuff with us that you’ve seen online lately.

We can’t wait to hear from you!