The kinds of photos you’re about to see are some of my favorites.

I’m referring to pictures that show how things get worn down by the passage of time.

They’re always interesting to look at and they definitely give you some perspective.

Check these pictures out. We think you’re going to enjoy them!

1. Time for a new one.

Maybe you can give the old one to a museum.

Boyfriend bought me a new alpaca (left) after I slept with the old one (right) every night for 6 years
byu/ummameme inWellworn

2. You were way past due.

Now you’ll be gliding around in style.

Finally got around to replacing the casters on my 1950s (?) wooden bankers chair.
byu/ApostateLibrarian inWellworn

3. You’ve been working hard!

Time to treat yourself to a new pair.

finally got a new pair of work gloves… 2 year gap.
byu/lordofracoons inWellworn

4. Wow. This is pretty cool.

I wonder what caused all of those markings…

The wear around salon seat
byu/hsshekhawat inWellworn

5. Lots of footsteps, rain, and harsh treatment over the years.

I wonder how old the one on the left is.

[deleted by user]
by inWellworn

6. I wear my shoes until they fall apart like this, too.

Is there any other way to do it?

My old skate shoes vs my buddy’s new ones
byu/TenMan77 inWellworn

7. This is so weird!

It looks like a piece of art to me.

All the letters on my gf’s lotion bottle started falling off
by inmildlyinteresting

8. It’s definitely time for a new one.

Someone is gonna get hurt…

This death trap my wife calls an oven mitt
byu/Toriganator inWellworn

9. You loved the hell out of that thing.

I’m glad you held onto it all these years.

My brother and I each received identical teddy bears when we were born. I lived mine just a bit more…
byu/Bedheadredhead30 inWellworn

10. Kitty is getting a lot of use out of that thing.

Beware of those claws!

[deleted by user]
by inmildlyinteresting

11. That’s what they used to look like.

I remember it like it was yesterday…

The patch on my jeans came off revealing its original color.
byu/unupvotable inWellworn

12. Gotta watch out for the sun!

Be careful with all your stuff! Including your body…

Do you have any photos like this?

If so, share them with us in the comments, please.

We’d love to hear from you!