One of the great things about social media, at least in my opinion, is the awesome tweets and posts we get about peoples’ pets.

We get an inside look at the lives of all kinds of dogs and cats and I am a huge proponent of this! So much so that I’ve done something crazy. Are you ready?

Here are 12 more funny animal tweets that we think you will enjoy immensely.

1. I support this idea.

I mean, couldn’t you make money off of this?


2. Best tweet of the year, so far.

More like this please!

3. Definitely in love.

Are those ALL for them?!?

4. Bang bang.

Iz ded. Okai lez play agan pweez!


5. Wait, don’t leave…

All day. Every day. 365 days.


6. That is awesome!

Whoa, it’s like he’s wearing a ghost of himself!


7. Let’s take a walk.

That cat DOES NOT look like it’s having a good time.


8. Hello, Clarice…

Stop it! STOP IT!!!


9. Doing their part.

Nailed it!

10. Where you headed?

What an innocent little twerp!


11. This is great entertainment.

No, seriously, watch this RIGHT now. It’s amazing.

12. What the hell are you doing here?

Can’t you go to work so I can do things? Please? ktxhbai.


I can’t get enough of animal-related tweets! They never get old, and they just keep coming. Especially during these times when we can’t get away from our pets and our pets can’t get away from us.

How about you? Have you seen any great animal posts lately?

Please share them with us in the comments!