Marriage is like an epic struggle.

It reminds me of the lyrics from that classic Survivor song Burning Heart from the incredible cinematic masterpiece Rocky IV:

“Two worlds collide
Rival nations
It’s a primitive clash
Venting years of frustrations
Bravely we hope
Against all hope
There is so much at stake
Seems our freedom’s up
Against the ropes”

You agree with me, right? Marriage is like a battle where you and your spouse are consistently trying to outwit each other and prove each other wrong.

It’s a lot of fun! And these tweets prove it!

Let’s take a look!

1. I heard you the first time!

Wow…she’s not messing around.

2. Something to shoot for.

This is now your life.

3. You’re in charge!

And don’t you forget it!

4. That’s a pretty good life hack.

He still hasn’t learned his lesson?

5. Not a bad reason to tie the knot.

People have done it for far less.

6. That’s a hard thing to figure out.

I think we know who’s running the show here.

7. You idiot! Not like that!

Get it together, dude.

8. I’m every woman!

Now I can’t get that song out of my head.

9. Let’s watch something “light”.

That’s more like it.


Some men are just like this.

11. What ever happened to Mary?

She’s still pregnant, right?

12. Sure, sounds great…

This sums it up.

Are you married?

Does your partner sometimes drive you up the wall?

Tell us some funny/annoying stories in the comments.

Let’s see what you got! Thanks, fam!