Are you ready to fall in love again?

It’s been so long and I know you’ve been holding out for The One…

And by “The One”, I’m actually talking about the 12 hilarious tweets that are gonna make your heart go all pitter-patter.

Do you hear those lovebirds in the air?

Now is the time! Go for it!

1. Sounds like a terrible idea.


2. What a country!

We’re number one!

3. He was a sociopath.

I wonder if he’s still out there…

4. I like this idea!

This is very rare, indeed.

5. Yeah, dummy!

That’s not helping.

6. Sounds awesome!

Can you get me in?!?!

7. I’m here for this.

Let’s make it happen!

8. Never a good idea.

I haven’t called anyone in 15 years.

9. You never know.

This is a good idea!

10. What’s better?

The jury is out…

11. Text me!

I might even reply!

12. What a weird world.

Hang on tight!

Now it’s your turn.

Make us laugh in the comments with some funny tweets.

Thanks in advance!