Things have been a little crazy lately and you’ve been on mom-duty way more than you signed up for this school term.

While you’re hunkering down in the kitchen, taking a break between nerf gun battles, you’ll likely be needing something to make you laugh.

Well, raise the white flag and surrender to these 12 memes about mothering you’ll find hilarious.

1. Get your effin paws off my chocolate.

A definite no-no. I mean, what were you thinking??

2. How do they always look like angels?

It’s the crack of dawn and y’all look like demons to me!


3. Every generation has a story.

This generation will be talking about “that one month and three weeks”. You know you will.

4. If mom can’t find it, it’s gone forever.

Because she can find anything, so it’s not REALLY gone forever.

Photo Credit: Someecards

5. It’s called an affirmation.

And it’s working on my inside beauty. That’s the most important part, right?


6. Great idea.

They will use this knowledge forever.


7. Kids are food critics in training.

The New York Times should be so critical.

8. Being a mom is easy.

Embrace the defeat.

9. There is some good news.

Kids can be cheaply entertained.

10. They are crazy confident.

It’s enviable.


11. I hate it when the kids use the logic.

We’ll get to go places again…someday.


Our kids sure are cute and we love them and all. But their bedtimes may be the sweetest part of the day. Which is perfectly okay.

Enjoy the silence.

And THEN… let us know what you thought in the comments, fam!

Please and thank you!