Everyone agrees that teaching kids over Zoom isn’t ideal, but we’ve all – teachers, students, parents, administrators – done our best to adapt.

Teachers, especially, have worked to give kids grace as everyone adapts to this new way of being or doing, which is good, since no one probably thought we’d be doing it quite so long.

There are plenty of downsides, but if there’s an upside, it’s that kids are hilarious, and they keep us on our toes – a fact these 12 comments totally prove!

12. Sometimes you’ve just gotta know.

But I mean, come on. Everyone likes grilled cheese.

11. Kid was really dealing with some stuff that day.

The first hangnail is quite the learning experience.


10. Teachers can learn things, too.

Especially the important stuff, like superheroes.


9. No, even though he could ha–

You know what? That’s a whole other discussion.

8. You have to know when they need a break.

Now more than ever.


7. You can teach them life lessons, too.

Unless you don’t know how to cook.


6. That’s what she’s been thinking about all this time.

We all get distracted, right?

5. It’s all over now.

Just go get the dog.


4. She did say they were done with their work.

What was she expecting?

3. I don’t know how the kinder teachers do it.

Those are just babies. They don’t know!

2. What a time to unmute yourself, kid.

Now we all get to find out together.

1. Just try to follow the train of thought.

You can’t. It’s a trick question.

Image Credit: Twitter

The kids are the things that are driving us crazy, but also keeping us sane at the same time, don’t you think?

If you’re a teacher, please add your story in the comments!