I gotta say…I kind of feel sorry for the people who were involved in these extremely awkward moments.

Try to put yourself in their shoes, ya know? That’s usually a good way to get some perspective…

BUT, I will say that I laughed out loud and was thankful that these things DIDN’T happen to me, because they are pretty hilarious.

Am I petty? Sure. Am I a terrible person? That’s debatable.

Enjoy these funny encounters! We think you’ll love them.

1. A round of applause!

Congrats to you two!

2. Not what they were going for.

Nice try, though.


3. Hahahaha. This is epic.

May I pet your muffin?

4. Please just hold me.

At that point, you kind of have to say yes to the person…


5. Are you sure about that?

Well, this explains a lot…

6. Wow, that’s pretty nervy.

I wonder if it worked…

Scammer tried to scam 20 random people at once
by infacepalm

7. That was supposed to be a secret!

Well, the hamster is out of the bag.


8. Do you have bags that big?

I’d like to see what these things look like.

9. This is not a joke.

Did they let you on the plane after that?

10. This is pretty uncomfortable.

Do you remember their name?

11. Oh, right, now I remember where I am.

Hey, we’ve all done this at some point.


12. Kind of jumped the gun on that one, huh?

This is…pretty embarrassing.

Okay, now it’s your turn, friends.

What’s the most embarrassing or awkward encounter you’ve ever had with someone?

Tell us all the good stuff in the comments. Thanks!