Do you need a little bit of a win? Would you like to enjoy someone else’s win for a moment while you wait for your own?

Feeling good about each other can really help us to feel good about ourselves, and that goes a very long way.

Let’s check out a few feel-good moments both big and small for some dudes across the internet, via Twitter.

10. Dog surfing

I couldn’t even train MYSELF to stay standing on that thing, how he got his dogs to do it I will literally never know.
Look how excited they are at the end!

9. The gym newbies

“I might be the happiest man in the world right now. So I go to the gym…”

8. You are the man, Leonard

Fixing a projector is like 90% of higher academics, if my college experience is anything to go by.

7. The pizza oven

To be honest I’m jealous that you even have a yard, but well done for you anyway.

6. The racoons

“You ready? I’m gonna sit in the snow-covered bench. Holy smokes. Oh my god.”

5. Big machines

I’m guessing this is some kind of drill but it might also just be a machine purpose designed to make this guy look manly, I have no idea.

4. Four on the floor

This one might be half joking, but hey, any win is a win.

3. Love you dad

That’s gotta be a wonderful thing to hear.

2. Nice catch!

This is a beer commercial, you can’t tell me otherwise.

1. The last Samurai

This dude is either preparing for an acting role or just having the best time with his workout.

Keep on winnin’, my dudes.

What’s a win that you’ve experienced lately?

Tell us in the comments.