All you good moms out there probably need a laugh right about now. You may be having a bad day or a great day or a normal day. But now is the time to put your feet up and savor some coffee/tea/wine/margarita and relax, even if it’s for just a few minutes.

And, here to help, are 12 memes that you will totally get and will make you snort laugh.


11. Because there are plenty of judgemental jerks already.

And they are at the park.

Photo Credit: MommyWineTime

10. Barkeep! Set ’em up.

And bring me my loofah.


9. It always looks so fresh and inviting at the grocery store.

Then it turns into a brown, goopy time bomb in your fridge.


8. Because cooking breakfast, lunch and dinner every day is getting old.

I mean, grass is plant-based, right?


7. Pretty sure GP has a nanny/s.

And is fluent in a foreign language/s.

6.  So much can happen in, like, two seconds.

How do they move so fast?

Photo Credit: Someecards

5. Okay, kid, you’re grounded.

And, Aiden is a bad influence.

Photo Credit: Someecards


Moms just yell better.


3. Toddler life…

Is completely made up.


2. Genius.

But is it big enough?

Photo Credit: Someecards

1. More genius.

And this space has enough room for your potato chips and wine.

Photo Credit: Someecards

Hopefully you got a good giggle on your couple of minutes off from momming.

So, straighten those leggings and get your coffee out of the microwave. It’s time to kid wrangle.

And, by the way… you’re the best. 😀