Do you love food? I’ll bet you do. Because you’re a living being and we all, like, require it in order to survive. But as my uncle was fond of saying “You can eat to live or you can live to eat.” And I, proudly, fall into the second category.

Life’s too short not to enjoy food. And FAR too short not to enjoy memes about enjoying food. Let’s do that now.

12. On the flip side

I’m the former at the moment, will be the latter in about an hour.

11. Dangerous games

It starts with just one, but it quickly spirals out of control.

10. It’s grate

I’ll take a cheese sandwich, hold the sandwich.

9. My cold, cold heart

Delicious, disappointing, delicious again.

8. Read my lips

Hey ladies, I’m Pringle and looking to mingle.

7. I swear

It can be a pretty enrapturing experience. Just don’t let the kids walk in on you.

6. Crouton Stevens

Anything can be a salad if you just believe hard enough.

5. The walking dead

Wait wait wait who puts their pizza rolls in the REFRIGERATOR?

4. Mac attack

Another celebrity brought low by drugs and alcohol.

3. Eat up

Sorry kid, there’s profit to be made.

2. Spoiler alert

Can’t get this bread if the bread gets you first.

1. Midnight intrigue

I request that you all respect my privacy during this difficult time.

It’s like my other, cooler uncle always said: “If you’re not that snack, your whole life is whack.”

What are your go-to good eats?

Tell us in the comments.