Did you know that if you printed out all the memes on the internet and stacked them on top of each other, scientists estimate that that would be a stupid waste of time? Because there are so many memes, you see. And also printers are finicky.

Here are some memes you can just look at on your screen. For laughing.

15. The master plan

Looks like life’s gonna be a real scream.

14. Checked out

“How much of that stuff did I smoke?”

13. Killing the mood

You start feeling like maybe you’re gonna be the subject of the next episode.

12. Whoop-de-doodle-doo

What do you even have to be stressed about, you are a chicken.

11. Perfect vision

Let me frame the situation a little differently.

10. Heat waves

Burning on the edges, frozen in the middle.

9. Food for thought

Visions of sugarplums dance in my head.

8. Start your engines

I swear these machines are just lonely and want our attention.

7. Work it out

Hey for all I know, I’m doing the same.

6. Hopes and prayers

Against all odds, the tail wags eternal.

5. Get over IT

Just a couple of brothers clownin’ around.

4. I’m on a roll

I’m sorry you have to see me like this.

3. Show me the dough

How can something so delicious do me wrong?

2. That’s a stretch

A morning in vs a night out.

1. The American way

This is me and I will never apologize for it.

Man, I sure am glad I have both these eyes in my head or I’d have never seen all those great memes. Thanks, eyes. You’re the real MVPs.

What’s your favorite place to find memes?

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