Need a break from the cynical sort of memes? I mean, I get it, we live in weird times and we want to have thick skins. But it’s nice to not let our humor be so constantly dark or disorienting. There is still good out there in the world, after all, and what better way to express that goodness than through memes?

Scroll through and enjoy yourself with these memes that give us twelve things to feel good about.

12. Having a dog

It’s like having a person, only way way way way way better.

11. Being a guide

Who needs GPS when you’ve got family?

10. Homemade cookies

They’re like love in gooey form.

9. Sharing your joy

This one is a bit rare but man is it the best.

8. Hide and seek

Oh where oh where could they be?

7. Little compliments

You know they can go a very long way.

6. Just participating

It’ll be ok, there’s nothing to be scared of.

5. Listening closely

Plus, look how excited he is about it.

4. Cooking and sharing

It was mostly raman, but still.

3. Landing the job

And even if you didn’t you’re putting yourself out there.

2. Getting it right

Heck, even REMEMBERING a name is a feat I can rarely achieve.

1. Helping a friend

Donde esta la biblioteca?

There’s plenty to smile about. 🙂

What’s something positive that’s happened to you lately?

Tell us in the comments.