Psst. Hey, kid. You like memes? You ever tried any? Here, I got some for ya.

First taste is free. And so are all subsequent tastes, because that’s how memes work.

12. Sacred things

I mustn’t lose any of these, my most prized possessions.

11. The great fall

Buddy if you could just give me a heads up instead of making me go through all this, it would be much appreciated.

10. Full gull

This bird has got what we call “beach cred.”

9. Nice post

This is either the beginning or the end of a very interesting story.

8. Cinematic realism

It’s a fun way to pass out so you don’t have to see the end.

7. Poopy puppy

Just wait ’till there’s a bathroom emergency and then we’ll see who’s laughing.

6. Totally exhausted

I don’t know who has ever been impressed by how loud someone’s vehicle is.

5. Groan adults

Please don’t make me do things, I didn’t sign up for that.

4. A long story

My story will go on and on…

3. Far too late

My head hits the pillow when the sun goes down, thank you very much.

2. Cowbird

The kind of breaking story that we can all get behind.

1. You got served

What kind of monster would use this and only this?

Now that you’re hooked on the good stuff, we’ll expect to see you back for more soon. Don’t worry, there’s plenty where that came from.

What are your favorite kinds of memes?

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