True story – I opened up Twitter for the express purpose of copying one (1) Tweet URL to place in this article, and I ended up spending no less than forty five minutes in an argument with a stranger about whether or not the week starts on Sunday or Monday.

Twitter is a darkly magical place like that, it’ll suck you in and rarely let you go. But there’s also plenty of funny to be found, and we love to see it. It’s what keeps us all coming back for more. Like these ten funny treats, for example.

10. Patience

This is all the financial planning I have in my life.

9. Water, water everywhere

My dehydrated body hates me so very much.


8. What’s in the box?

Yanno, the “special delivery” isn’t so special when it happens literally every day.

7. Corny thoughts

I for one could do without them for the rest of my life, thank you very much.

6. Snack attack

Please leave us be, we’re having a very intimate moment.

5. They’re listening

Turns out the tinfoil hat crowd were just head of their time.

4. It’s a gas

There’s simply no way he’ll be able to recover from this.

3. Cooking things up

I can’t make room for my milk jug and somehow I STILL can’t find anything to eat for lunch.

2. Extravagant lifestyles

You just gotta find your bliss where ya can, you know.

1. Whatever floats your boat

Just leave me here, I’m a rain person now.

Thanks for being you, Twitter. Don’t ever change.

Who are the funniest people to follow on the platform?

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