We all do stupid things from time to time…especially when we’re all worked up about something and we lose our cool for a split second.

What’s the worst thing you’ve ever done in the heat of the moment?

See what folks on AskReddit said about this.

1. Close call.

“My parents were tailors and they used to do a lot of work from home. They had really big, heavy metal scissors they used to use.

I was very young. Under 10 for sure. My older brother did something to p**s me off. I grabbed the scissor near me and threw it at him. It missed his eyes by a small fraction.

He went ballistic on why would I do something like this. 25+ years later the memory still makes me sad how close I was to seriously injuring or k**ling my brother.”

2. Oops.

“When I was 18 I got a job in excavation.

I was learning how to dig with a trackhoe. Fast forward a year. And I’m still learning the tricks. My boss screamed at me for parking the work truck in the wrong place. Then told me either I need to learn to dig faster and better or find a new job.

Well I said f**k it. And I started digging fast as I could. And then, I found the f**king city water main.”

3. Uh oh…

“I was being lightly scolded by my boss, and instead of rolling with it, I got p**sed and told him “you know what, suck my dick” and left.

I was not in a financial situation to quit at the time, and regretted my decision the entire elevator ride out of there, but looking back now its easy to say “worth it”.”

4. Sorry about that…

“I was probably 10-12 hanging out with the neighborhood kids one being a few years younger.

He was being annoying as f**k and wouldn’t stop so after a few minutes of constant annoyance I threw my scooter at him… hitting his head. No serious injuries but he needed a few stitches.

I knew I f**ked up the instant the scooter left my hands.”

5. Collecting dust.

“Late night impulse buys.

In the height of the pandemic I ending up buying a little too expensive rowing machine for my apartment thinking I was going to be all fit.

Now it’s just collecting dust in a corner.”

6. Doh!

“I told a judge, “Gimme your best shot.”

I got 10 days added for contempt of court.”

7. Don’t do it!

“Texting when I’m p**sed off.

The anger goes away, the text remains for eternity.”

8. Regret it.

“I had gotten into a fist fight with my stepdad when i was 14 and got kicked out of the house.

My dad picked me up and was lecturing me about making good decisions and asked me “do you want to grow up to be a criminal loser?” I told him “At least i wont work a d**dend s**t job and grow up to be like you”.

The instant it left my mouth I regretted it. He even shot back with ” Exactly i want you to be better than me” and i could tell it hurt him. The s**tty part is, he did EVERYTHING for me and still does.

That conversation pops into my head from time to time and i still feel horrible about it.”

9. Hot head.

“When I was in tenth grade a classmate of mine p**sed on my shoes.

I didn’t not snap right then and there, but he made fun of my looks a couple minutes later. I completely lost my s**t, grabbed him by the neck and slammed his head into a steel beam.

In hindsight I realize that I could have k**led him or disabled him for life, but luckily he got away with a bad concussion.”

10. Crack is whack.

“Smoked crack.

This was late 1990s, I was around 29. I was a pretty heavy m**h user/seller so I went to this ladies house who would usually have s** if I brought over m**h and got her high. When I got there she didn’t want anyone in and there were 2 other guys there on the porch she wasn’t letting in either.

We talked for a sec and said they had crack but no lighter and no money top buy one. I had a lighter. I gave them the lighter and smoked some crack with them. 1st time smoking crack and the last.

Within 1 hour we ran out, they knew some gangsters they could trade their gold chains for more crack. There was no pondering, no thought process, driving to the bad side of the entire county at 3AM to trade gold chains for crack seemed like the BEST IDEA EVER!!!!

I had a moment of clarity and noped out of there pretty fast.

I used to be not so great of a guy. Clean since May 22, 2000.”

11. Long gone.

“Threw my engagement ring in a fjord.

I coulda hocked that sucker.”

12. Wow…

“I s**t in someone’s shoe because he got me lost in the city for 2 hours, in a bad part of town, with a d**d phone and no way of finding my own way home.”

What’s your “heat of the moment” story?

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