It’s a pretty terrible thing to think about, but I guess we’ll do it for the sake of this experiment.

What do sick children ask for when they are granted a wish?

Disney World? Swimming with dolphins?

The possibilities are endless, but that doesn’t mean the folks in charge can always make it happen…but sometimes they pull it off.

People on AskReddit shared stories about weird things that kids asked for AND received from the Make-A-Wish foundation.

Let’s check them out.

1. Awesome.

“There was that kid who wanted to work with the team designing D&D.


He spent a day working with them on their next release book and helping design a monster. Ended up suggesting a monster that was designed into one of the coolest monsters in the book.”

2. Pickles!

“There was a Make-a-Wish kid in a class I taught once and their wish was to tour a pickle factory.

Pickles were their all time favorite food and they wanted to see how the sausage was made so to speak.

Apparently Vlasic rose to the occasion in a major way and she had the time of her life.”

3. Survivor.

“After I survived cancer at 17, I was offered a wish.

I went to Christmas Island with my family to see the spawning of the red crabs – reckoned to be one of the seven natural wonders of the world.

Picture it, a million fist sized red land crabs making their way down to the sea edge to release their eggs into the ocean over a period of just three hours or so.

The make a wish volunteers looked horrified as I explained it.

And I’m typing this now, so yes, I lived, thanks.”

4. Really nice.

“When I was on a carrier they flew a kid and his parents out. They routinely fly distinguished visitors but we thought it was weird there was this kid.

They got tours and watched flight ops but he couldn’t fly with us so they asked us to have dinner with him so he could at least meet pilots and ask questions.

It was really humbling when we realized this is what he was there for, he literally wished to just come see what we do and hang it with us.”

5. Need some space.

“I’m a Wish Granter! My strangest personal wish was a refurbished 80’s camper so that she could have her own space (she couldn’t go out in public while her transplant was new-ish, and she was going crazy in the house with two younger siblings).

It was actually pretty cool, although the strange part was that MAW can’t actually use “used” things like that. So we had to get her a new VW camper (or something like that, it’s been a while) and “artfully” make it look vintage. So strange.”

6. Hollywood.

“One of my friends had leukemia in 8th grade and her Wish was to meet Adam Sandler.

So she got to spend the day on set of The Longest Yard with him.”

7. Beautiful.

“I went to high school with someone who’s youngest brother had some rare, terminal disease and he was at the end of it.

This kid was 10 and the thing he’s wanted to do since he was 5, was to be a train conductor and take trains all around the world.

With the help of make a wish and dome others,he was able to go and be a “conductor” for 6 of his last 8 months of life and he traveled all over the US. He seemed like he had so much fun.”

8. That’s cool.

“My cousin was a Make a Wish kid.

He loved golf, like had a scholarship to go play college, he loved it so much. He got to meet and play a round of golf with Payne Stewart.

Unfortunately, he d**d not too long after that. F**k cancer.”

9. The best day ever.

“A friend of mine is a K9 police officer.

He helped Make-A-Wish grant a wish to a set of twins with the d**dliest form of Cystic Fibrosis. Most of the time kids with CF aren’t allowed to be around others with it because of cross infecting bacteria. Them being twins shortens their life expectancy even more.

Well these 10 year old boys wanted to meet a police dog. My friend and some of his buddies upped the wish and during their meeting of his dog they got called to help solve three “crimes” in their town.

They pulled over a highjacker, found and arrested a robber and helped find a “missing” six year old (my friend’s nephew). The town police department gave them certificates and honorary police badges for their work. Around 200 people showed up to where they got their awards to cheer them on.

At their eleventh birthday they gave my friend a plaque they made with their dad thanking him for the best day ever.”

10. Crazy.

“I was a make a wish kid back in 2017 and my wish was to go see a live brain surgery, in Seattle at University of Washington.

I loved Grey’s Anatomy, I loved Dr Shepherd, and I had brain cancer so I wanted to see what the my doctors kind of saw, what an experience and learned so much. I was a little neurosurgeon for a day, and the neurosurgeon was playing The Pixies while operating.

What a great happy moment, I won’t forget. They even sent my family from Arizona to Seattle with me, to have dinner with me in the space Needle.”

11. Amazing.

“I was a Blackhawk pilot in the Army and we had a Make A Wish kid who wanted to fly in an Army helicopter.

We had to remove all the seats so we could strap his wheelchair down in the middle of the helicopter and we flew him around at treetop level yanking and banking with the doors open for awhile.”

12. Game on!

“My brother had cancer when we were in high school.

We all got to go to an ice skating rink in NYC and play hockey with some of the New York Rangers.

He was a Flyers fan, but what can you do…?”

How about you?

Have you ever heard about any weird Make-A-Wish requests that were granted?

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