There’s no doubt about it, we all have painful, awkward, and humiliating photos from our younger years.

And don’t try to say that you don’t, okay. Because if you do, we’ll already know you’re a liar!

But at least yours haven’t been put on social media for the whole world to see. These folks aren’t so lucky…

Take a look at some hilariously uncomfortable photos from yesteryear and try not to laugh too hard.

1. Go ahead and show them off!

Really, Mom? You thought that was a good idea?

My mom insisted I show off my braces. I think she was hoping for better results.
byu/tritrish inblunderyears

2. Flowbee for the win!

That thing needs to make a comeback.

1995, age 10. I loved that dress and turtleneck combo and wore it everywhere. My mom cut my hair with a Flowbee at home.
byu/vrnkafurgis inblunderyears

3. You look like Inspector Gadget to me.

And that’s not an insult!

I had embraced my nerdy outcast status and went to school like this, sadly the trench coat was soon banned after ’99
byu/WhacksOnAnonOff inblunderyears

4. What look were you trying to go for?

Robin Hood? LARPer?

1993 Senior pic, I wore those boots to HS the entire year. Iowa Winter and all.
byu/kleric42 inblunderyears

5. This is the most ’90s thing I’ve ever seen.

And I salute you, my friend!

[deleted by user]
by in90s

6. I’m glad I missed out on the JNCO jeans phase.

It really didn’t age well at all.

My mom just wanted a nice picture in Paris
byu/AmericanDeise inblunderyears

7. Mullets are never a bad idea.

On second thought…

My dad always thought this haircut looked incredible on me. My mom thought the shirt was incredible. Looking back at 2nd grade me is incredible. I’m a female.
byu/kikiglitz inblunderyears

8. Wow. This is something else.

You are so brave for sharing this…

I was really into American Girl Dolls and begged my mom to let me do a cover shoot at the store
byu/princesschigusa inblunderyears


9. I think you were doing a great job!

And I have so many questions…

I don’t even know what happened in 6th Grade
by inblunderyears

10. Elvis NEVER left the building.

I’m impressed that you made that suit yourself. Bravo!

Late 70’s. No idea what I was thinking. Made the suit myself.
byu/xxSpeedsterxx inblunderyears

11. I bet you didn’t get picked on at all.

Am I right about that?

My childhood was destined to be a rough one…
byu/ThunderousDong inblunderyears

12. The Spice Girls, reimagined.

You nailed it! Kind of…

Just saw another post here featuring a Spice Girls poster in the background. Reminded me of when we thought we totally nailed our Halloween group costume back in ’98.
byu/diabetass inblunderyears

Now it’s your time to shine!

In the comments, share some funny pics with us from your childhood.

We promise we won’t laugh at you too much!